Alright Screw It, How Do I Get Caught Up On Dragon Ball Super?

With this review I could go on but one thing I do need to mention and that There is as usual, going to be more dragon ball content going forward for a long while but I have honestly lost interest for many of its arc in super as it has left me deflated in how much bad certain things went in and out of this, and the Dbs manga changes don't really effect to much of the changes that great of a deal either being as it may.

The major Problem is however is everything else that I address by now like Underdeveloped Story and characters with many inconsistencies that got me Very Frustrated while watching through this week in and week out in comparison with the previous series while having some decent aspects to the show.

Surprisingly, it was revealed that Goku and Jiren are not the only last fighters standing in the Tournament of Power as Frieza and Android 17 from Universe 7 were seen standing alive and well. I don't know, I think Dragon Ball Z was heavily influenced by editors because it had a different tone than Dragon Ball and because of that people think Goku really isn't what he's supposed to be in Super.

After all, Goku and Vegeta have both obtained the strength of Super Saiyan Blue, which means this new form of Vegeto should be immensly more powerful than the last time the technique was used. That in general I feel Db Super has kinda been like vegeta's show and In my opinion has had more varied screen time than that of the previous series.

Yeah I can't lie and say that I wouldn't, I love Dragon Ball as a franchise and any complaining I do above is only because I want to see it do better and is the main reason I why continued to watch it through thick and thin and I don't regret it. The amount of enjoyment I got out of Dragon Ball Super every Saturday for the past 2-3 years far exceeds the amount of disappointment that came with it.

Regardless of everything that bothered me with Dragon Ball Super for the 2-3 years that it aired, I was basically present every single week nonetheless excited to some degree for the next episode it next felt like a shore to watch for me. On top of the fact that there wasn't any manga to be ahead of the anime so more so than often not knowing what was going to occur felt like the good old days of Dragon Ball Z. Will I miss Dragon Ball Super?

As much as many of us hate to admit it, Super's animation will likely never be up to par with other shonen animes such as My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, or the previously mentioned One Punch Man. This is exactly why certain Episodes was so terribly rushed; the series' schedule collapsed on the animators and they had to turn in tons of sloppy work to even get the episode to air on time.

The Beginning of Dragon Ball Super from an animation and art style standpoint I felt was it's biggest thing working against it. Coming out the gate looking look the hottest of garbage is the worst thing you can do for a first impressions for any series.

In short When it comes to power ups and transformations in dragonball it is sadly now become a complete joke when before it really wasn't and at times in this series it can look like a complete Asspull. Showing his Jiren disgust about future bulma's death at the hands of goku black, Helping Master Roshi In the tournament of power Or even protecting future trunks from Merged Zamasu.

When you get right down to it the main story plot are not really as interesting or not as varied as it could be in certain arcs there are many places that could of been explored or characters to get a better in depth look into (I'm Looking at YOU JIREN The GAY).

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